ScRAPdb    Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reference Assembly Panel Database (ScRAPdb)


The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reference Assembly Panel Database (ScRAPdb) is a online database to host and visualize the global S. cerevisiae genomic resources in the telomere-to-telomere (T2T) era. Currently, it contains haplotype-resolved and/or collapsed T2T genome assemblies for 142 S. cerevisiae strains isolated from diverse geographical and ecological niches [1]. More features regarding genome structure comparison, pangenome graph analysis, variant annotation, and phenotype data visualization are expected to roll out later this year.

Geographical origin


1. Samuel O’Donnell#, Jia-Xing Yue#, Omar Abou Saada, Nicolas Agier, Claudia Caradec, Thomas Cokelaer, Matteo De Chiara, Stephane Delmas, Fabien Dutreux, Teo Fournier, Anne Friedrich, Etienne Kornobis, Jing Li, Zepu Miao, Lorenzo Tattini, Joseph Schacherer*, Gianni Liti*, Gilles Fischer*. (2023) Telomere-to-telomere assemblies of 142 strains characterize the genome structural landscape in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nature Genetics, (doi: