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The core mission of our lab is to understand the inheritance and evolution of genome instability, especially in the context of cancer biology. By combining real-time evolutionary experiment and in silico genomic analysis, we approach this research theme via the following research lines.

  1. Charting the evolutionary landscape of mutation and recombination and their functional impacts via the lens of pangenome.
  2. Dissecting the inheritance and evolutionary mechanisms of genome instability via experimental evolution with cell models.
  3. Elucidating the evolutionary patterns and clinical implications of genome instability during cancer progression by applying genomic analysis on clinical samples.
  4. Developing novel qualitative and quantitative profiling technologies that target genome instability via single-molecule sequencing.

[In Chinese]


  1. 基于泛基因组解析生物基因组突变与重组的演化特征图谱及功能影响。
  2. 基于细胞实验演化体系研究基因组不稳定性的遗传与演化机制。
  3. 基于临床样本研究肿瘤基因组不稳定性的演化模式和临床意义。
  4. 基于单分子测序开发靶向基因组不稳定性的定性定量新技术。